Computer acting up or slowing down?  Concerned about virus attacks?
Or the ##%  thing won’t even boot?  Wondering whether to
upgrade/refurbish the old work horse or invest in a new one?
FranklinTec LLC can help you out of your dilemma.  Call us for a house
call (range 25 miles from Kalamazoo). We will be there in a jiffy.  Sometimes all it takes is a virus cleansing.  Other times no new hardware is required, but a “refresh” of your computer operating system and software is in order. (We "slick" your computer )  Often, addition of memory will give your computer a new lease on life.  We can upgrade your computer to the Windows Vista (tm) if you want the latest in operating systems.  Or.. maybe it’s just time to buy a new one.  In any case, we can guide you through the computer maze to a happy solution. Want a faster internet connection?  Franklintec LLC can help you with all the steps.


We have experience with:

  • Virus detection and removal
  • Operating system Upgrade (including to Microsoft Vista)
  • Data transfer between computers (don't leave your data behind when moving to a new computer).
  • Hardware malfunction and replacement
  • Driver updates
  • Complete system backup and recovery making use of Acronis (tm) True Image Echo software. 
  • Selecting a new or refurbished computer that meets your needs and budget.
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