Business and Home computer backup:

You are a small business and need help backing up your servers and workstations and  data as part of your business continuity plan.  Or, a home computer user that find most  backup programs confusing, inconvenient,and hard to use.  Franklintec has the experience and software for sale to put your mind at ease.  Paul Franklin, Acronis Certified Engineer, can help you implement a backup and recovery plan for a single home computer up to multiple servers and workstations using the award winning Acronis Echo software.  Acronis software backs up and restores your entire computer including programs, settings and data automatically, and makes restoring to a new hard drive or completely different machine a snap. 

Home Network:

More than one computer at home?  Want to share the internet and files
among them?  A Home network is the answer.  Placing your computers
behind a router (An important component of networks) also offers some
protection from unauthorized access to your computers.  FranklinTec LLC can set one up for you.

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